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Your large congregation will be very comfortable here!
Grandmother Oak seats 500

You've come to the right place. You're looking to share a church. We're a church in search of a sharing partner!

Over 28,000 sq ft for your use...

Just picture your congregation sitting here ...from $860 per month. ChurchSHARE provides a turnkey church sharing package. You can literally move in tomorrow! Not only can you afford it, but you'll be occupying a real church with room to grow and prosper.

Dollar for Dollar ChurchSHARE delivers more for your facility budget!

Most churches sit empty throughout the week. Putting the building to full time use spreads out the costs. 

No matter where you move, chairs, podiums, sound systems, kitchen ware, appliances, water fountains, "youname-it" are the next expenses that face you when moving. ChurchSHARE provides these at no additional charge. Best of all, you have a real church to fully utilize in turn for paying a very small portion of the expenses.

Make us your new church home; We suit all your needs!

ChurchSHARE operates a ten acre campus shared by multiple faith-based communities. It provides high-quality worship space at a fractional cost. The campus is a serene setting in the heart of Bradenton. Its 700 trees, and protected wet lands, create a sense of peace and tranquility. It has several sanctuaries ranging in size from 50 to 500 seats supported by high-tech A/V equipment, theatrical lighting, computers, lecterns, classrooms, gymnasium, and commercial kitchen, walking trail, labyrinth, prayer gardens, pond and ample parking. 

Indoor Sanctuaries

Peace Chapel
Arches Sanctuary
seats up to 120
Courtyard Sanctuary
seats up to 100
Peace Chapel
for small groups up to 40

You have room to grow into larger sanctuaries sized from 25 to 500 seats; Why not sponsor a community yard sale or a week-long have the space;

indoor sanctuary Easter Lilly Cross indoor sanctuary

Outdoor Sanctuaries

outdoor service outdoor sanctuary Deck Service

You can host regional conferences and major outreach initiatives or hold outside events and sunrise services.

Attract more families through your gymnasium and fellowship...

Want more kids? Provide the space for them!
Like the chicken and egg quandary, which is more important to membership growth? facility or programs? This is particularly true when it comes to reaching young families with children; give kids the space THEY come, learn and play in your indoor gym, playground, soccer field and 10 acres to explore.

Gym play Gym play outdoor playground

It is as true for adult programs and outreach ministries. You'll now have the facility to sponsor all the group activities that appeal to more ages and interests. You’ll have lots of room for fellowship, both indoors and out!

NEED PHOTO gather on the patio
Serve Up To 200 For Fundraisers
Groups Up To 60 Gather On The Patio

You’ll enjoy more fellowship opportunities to hold gala Dinner Dances and monthly potlucks.

Classrooms, Sunday School, Bible Class, Rehearsals, Dance classes and more...

sunday school classroom sunday school classroom bible study dance classes

Weddings, Family Affairs and Special Events

When it comes to WEDDINGS, the Bride and Groom can choose from sanctuary traditional to courtyard casual.

Lovely gazebo courtyard events Bright sanctuary for traditional weddings Beautiful grounds for weddings and other functions

Your families are encouraged to use the outside grounds to picnic, plan reunions, memorial services, birthday parties or just walk the family pet around Still Waters Pond and through our inspiring natural woodlands.

healing garden Still Waters Pond Still Waters Path

You're not a 'renter' here!

ALL this property is YOUR church home, negating the perception that the facility "belongs" to another church. Locate here and your members will exhibit a renewed pride and excitement in their new church home... Unlike shopping mall space, schools, or  theatres, your new church home here will have all the facility features available for your use. When you need an auditorium, kitchen, gym, and space for outdoor activities, they'll be there for you. You'll have the room to grow, to worship, to plan... just a few of the greatest benefits! There's room to roam and relax in 10 acres of trees and gardens in the heart of Bradenton.

Bamboo Healing Garden courtyard labrinth


gardens Honoring all Creatures Great & Small building

Budget conscious? Save when you share; there's additional space when you need it. Don't want to share? Enjoy exclusive use of a sanctuary with your own entrance. No strings or long-term commitments...